Should You Get Your Concrete Floors Redone?

Updated: Mar 11

March 2022

When it comes to trying to make a decision on what will give you the most value for upgrading the look of your concrete, there are a quite a few options to consider depending on the look you're going for. If you’re considering “Acid Etching” your concrete to save money, you should know Acid Etching is no longer recommended:

  • Results are inconsistent. It may remove “milky” deposit on the surface of concrete but cannot remove curing compounds or contaminants which can interfere with adhesion of a coating

  • Only a minimal profile. This means it provides a minimal surface of protection over your concrete

  • Can damage the slab. Over-etching, which can easily occur, makes the surface more porous which water can more easily enter the porous slab, resulting in potential corrosion of metal rebar and eventually weakening of the entire slab structure

  • Not Eco-Friendly. Burns and inhaling the fumes from acid is extremely dangerous, not to mention the risk of rinsing off chemicals that could eventually make its way to our oceans and water tables.

That’s why we use proprietary products that are people, pet and earth friendly to save your concrete and our environment.

February 2022

Whether it’s painting a house or installing a room addition, you want to know you are getting your moneys worth with a contractor you are trusting to demonstrate the professionalism and skill you’d expect. What many buyers may not consider when paying for a job is they are not only paying for material, but are also paying for the value of knowledge, experience, tools, punctuality, accountability, accuracy and safety. So when a quote is a little more than expected, it’s because these values don’t come cheap.

January 2022

There are a number of options you have to restore, enhance and protect your concrete. Staining, sealing, and coating with any number of products can do the job, but if you want a long lasting coating with a timeless look, epoxy based finishing will provide more protection and beauty than any other option available without the “sticker shock” that usually comes with high quality expenses to increase the value of your property.

Because concrete is porous, it will always absorb moisture, odors and dust that can easily be tracked into your home. Unprotected concrete is also susceptible to cracks, flaking or peeling away of small particles known as “spalling”. Protecting concrete from the aforementioned list of concerns can only be done with coating it with a protective epoxy sealant. The best quality of epoxy product will determine the length of its new look and durability. One of the least expensive upgrades you can do is to coat your concrete with an epoxy based product if you’re looking to protect your investment, add value to your property, and expand your living space.

December 2021

As a property owner, there will always be things to replace, repair, and restore. By coating your floor in a garage, pool deck, walkways, driveways or any other area where you have existing concrete, you are actually protecting your property for years to come against wear and tear and it also provides great curb appeal if you ever decide to sell your property.