How We Install Concrete Epoxy Floors in One Day

Updated: Mar 11

March 2022

The old adage; “You’re only as good as the tools you use” couldn’t be truer. To be able to install a “one day” epoxy based floor coating for an average two car garage is no easy task. Having the right tools and equipment is critical, primarily for durability and secondarily for a beautiful finish. By using short cuts or inferior tools, you compromise quality, efficiency, safety, and an amazing finished product just to save a little time and money. Using a butter knife as a screwdriver may work sometimes, but you definitely want the right tools when it comes to protecting your assets.

February 2022

The “how” should be just as important as the “why” we install epoxy based flooring. Most people don’t buy WHAT you sell, they buy WHY you sell it. The “how” we install floors continues to evolve by keeping up with the best tools and products available for the best quality and service for your hard earned money is the “why” we do it. As any motivational coach or successful business will tell you, when the why is clear, the how is easy.

January 2022

It seems like the words “instant”, “quick”, and “fast” lend themselves to implying a better product or equal quality that allows sufficient time to create something that meets all your expectations. It is possible to save time without sacrificing quality and durability if you have the right tools, product and skill set for cement floor coating that will keep its beauty and durability for decades. If you want the value of time, sturdiness and artistry then you have to find the right artisan, a worker in a skilled trade, who can provide everything you need. You would want to seek out a floor coating business who’s only focus is on what they do best, and that’s installing quality epoxy flooring.

December 2021

Being able to install in just one day has less to do with speed and more to do with skill, proper equipment and a quality product. One day installations require experience in knowing the proper ratios of epoxy based products as well as understanding the rigid time constraints of pouring epoxy materials to ensure its durability. Proper preparation is 90% of the process for installation and is not where you want to use shortcuts or go with less expensive options to save time.

There are many moving parts to ensure a one day, quality installation. If your existing concrete has spalling (when concrete is breaking up or splintering), cracks that are 1/16 wide or larger that require filling to prevent further cracking and provide a smoother surface to coat, stamped concrete with decorative grooves throughout, existing coating such as epoxy, adhesive tile, or pebble stone to name a few all require extra hours or days for proper preparation for a durable and quality installation. Even if your existing concrete is in prime condition, the amount of time required also depends on the entire square footage you plan on coating. Sure, there are always ways to do it quick and cheap, just remember you always get what you pay for.