Concrete Epoxy Flake Trends of 2021

Updated: Nov 17

The first thing to consider in selecting the type of flake blend is timelessness. Will your floor look as contemporary in 10 years as it will today? There are many standard blends being offered today that in the future, may remind you of the Avocado Green color of refrigerators in the 70’s.

Blend variety, design, and flake diameter are important aspects to consider. The second thing to consider is what type of flake material should you use? The most popular type of flake used are Vinyl flakes which are made from acrylic and vinyl resins. They are known as the most durable due to their strength, flexibility, low sound/noise deadening qualities and resistance to damage from Ultraviolet rays.

Whether a garage, patio, pool deck, commercial or retail environment, the best aesthetics are as important as it’s durability.