Concrete Epoxy Flake Trends of 2022

Updated: Mar 11

March 2022

Epoxy flake coating is a multi-layered system of floor covering using chips of paint, metal, or vinyl which can provide a visual work of art that is slip resistant and hides the imperfections of damaged concrete. Some things to consider if you're contemplating protecting your concrete with decorative flake is make sure your floor is saturated with your flake color blend and not just sprinkled sparsely to get the most durable and visual satisfying finish. You also want to make sure it is properly applied to avoid pointy ends of flake sticking up from the top coat which can be rough on bare feet. Looking to create a “Man Cave”? How about Dodgers, Lakers, Rams colors. Looking for a “She Shed”? How about Pastels and other vibrant colors. Looking for a little paradise in your back yard? How about a tropical blend that would make Tarzan feel at home. Color blend choices are endless and can meet any aesthetics you’re

looking for.

February 2022

If the only reason you haven’t considered the durability of a flaked epoxy based floor is because of the “busyness” of color blends and prefer a cleaner and beautiful one color look, then you want to consider a monotone flake installation that is popular with garage mechanics tradesmen, and hobby enthusiasts. The benefit of monotone flaked floors helps with dropping nuts, washers and other small items you don’t want to have to search for if they fall on a multicolored flake floor. With every color imaginable you can have a one color flake floor with greater durability and a longer warranty than you’d get with a one color pigmented epoxy based floor.

January 2022

The first thing to consider in selecting the type of flake blend is timelessness. Will your floor look as contemporary in 10 years as it will today? There are many standard blends being offered today that in the future, may remind you of the Avocado Green color of refrigerators in the 70’s.

Blend variety, design, and flake diameter are important aspects to consider. The second thing to consider is what type of flake material should you use? The most popular type of flake used are Vinyl flakes which are made from acrylic and vinyl resins. They are known as the most durable due to their strength, flexibility, low sound/noise deadening qualities and resistance to damage from Ultraviolet rays.

Whether a garage, patio, pool deck, commercial or retail environment, the best aesthetics are as important as it’s durability.

December 2021

Many floor coating businesses offer standard flake color blends based on cost and availability. Don’t be afraid to ask for your own preference of blues, grays, reds, greens or any other blends that are visually appealing, compliment the existing aesthetics, and that don’t lock you into specific color schemes for future redecorating. Just know that if there is a change of mind in the flake blend you ordered, it has to be changed before the end of day to avoid additional costs for reordering a new flake color blend.

One of the most unique trends that set you apart from any colored flake floor is what’s called “Metallic Marble”. This is the one you want if you’re looking for a major upgrade from the standard flake floor in which every installation and design is unique unto itself. If you want your floor to look like marble, lava, or any other design with swirls or streaks with any colors of your choice, than a Metallic Mable installation will make you the fancy of the family and the talk of the block!