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Best Epoxy For Garages in 2022

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

March 2022

Epoxy is any class of adhesives, plastics, or other materials that are polymers (large number of organic materials used as plastics and resins) or epoxides (way more technical compounds and reactions than you need to know). So with all these choices, what’s a trend setting, proud property owner to do? If you’re looking for the best epoxy product to use, Polyurethane is four times stronger than basic epoxy, UV stable, waterproof, scratch resistant and comes in a Satin, Matte, and Gloss finish. Polyaspartic is twenty times stronger than basic epoxy and is also UV stable, waterproof, scratch resistant and comes only in a semi-gloss finish. Could these be any better? Yes! They are both perfect for outdoor patios and pool decks and keep a beautiful look for decades.

February 2022

Epoxy has been around since 1934 and since then, epoxy resin compounds have been formulated to a stronger, greater flexible and ultimately more durable product as the science is perfected. The epoxy based products today still have a very long shelf life for durability and artistry as long as you don’t settle for “off the shelf” epoxy products that although could be cost effective for DIY projects, could cost you in the long run in upkeep and repair. The best way to avoid finding yourself in that situation is to leverage the knowledge of professionals who are familiar with the latest epoxy product and tools that will always keep you at the forefront of the best epoxy products available.

January 2022

As Thomas Jefferson once said: “Not all men are created equal”, if he were alive today, I’m sure he’d agree that not all epoxy is created equal either. There are basically three types of epoxy; 1. Pure epoxy is typically just a resin and a hardener. Pure epoxy cures at a slower rate than the other product classes. 2. Polyester resins cure through polymerization that is relatively fast—this means such products can be specified for lower temperatures. 3. Epoxy acrylates, offers the best features of pure epoxy with those of polyester resins. Epoxy acrylates resins quickly cure, but offer the good chemical resistance properties of pure epoxy. Why settle for anything less than an Epoxy acrylate such as Polyaspartic, Polyurea or Polyurethane based coating for the best look and durability.

December 2021

The Construction Specification Institute states there are three general classes of epoxy;

Pure epoxy, polyester resins, and epoxy acrylates. Each type then vary widely with such attributes as nozzle time, gel time, load time, sag and cure time, and chemical resistance.

So this tells us its not something you just want to buy ‘off the shelf’. For the benefit of brevity, the most commonly used compounds are “pure epoxy” (a resin and hardener) and Polyureas which include Polyaspartic, which is the highest quality, longest lasting, most durable, UV & peeling resistant and quick curing.

Knowing there are many reputable epoxy coating services, there are an equal amount of those who are only looking to make a quick profit at the expense of the buyer. Along with knowing the best type of epoxy to use, you must also know which business has a track record of integrity, customer service, knowledge and ease to work with. Social media provides the public with Yelp, Instagram, and Facebook reviews to name a few that will help you identify the business you want to work with.

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